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Outsourcing to Romania

Set-up an entire development center in Romania. We take care of everything. You enjoy full transparency, from your employee's salaries to the electricity bill. Leveraging our 15 year recruitment proficiency, we can ensure trusted access to the specialists you need, making it easy for your company to grow efficiently. You just say the word, and it's there in no-time. Our team manages the entire process, down to the smallest details:

  • We find the place, rent it, and even brand the new office with your logo
  • We buy the furniture and all needed appliances
  • We set up a nice work-environment
  • We use our existing talent-pool to boost your software development business
  • we guarantee a high-end recruitment process

Country overview

Romania entered the European Union in 2007, enabling improvements via numerous programs and funds invested to help transform Romania into the "EU's information society". One sector currently boosting its economy is outsourcing; Romania, which was the first producer of computers and computer networks in the Communist bloc is now becoming one of the largest electronic outsourcing industries in Central and Eastern Europe today.

Cost competitiveness

Romania offers tax exemption to IT project managers, software engineers, data base administrators, engineers/IT system designers, programmers, and analysts. Romania's corporate tax rates are relatively low, with around 16 percent compared to Canada (33 percent), India (34 percent), and Russia (20%). Romania follows Bulgaria and Hungary in the top three countries with the lowest tax rate.

Resources and Skills

Romania exports USD $988 million in computer and information services, followed by Poland, Argentina, the Philippines, and Ukraine. Other miscellaneous exports such as research and development, management consulting, accounting, and legal services are approximately $2.5 billion, with China, India, and Canada leading as the countries with the highest profit in exported miscellaneous business services.

Business environment

Romania was once named "Tiger" due to its fast development and high growth rates. Romania's overall ease of doing business is high, ranking eleventh in the top twenty countries with the easiest business environment. The top five countries are the U.S., Canada, Thailand, Malaysia, and Israel. It takes on average ten days to start a business, and 222 hours per year in preparing and filing taxes.

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Have a project idea but little or no specifications? Our team can put it together and lead it towards the desired results. Need to scale up your team for a specific time-frame? Our experience in recruiting professionals helps us quickly expand our team with new software specialists. Whether you are looking for a team to build a project from scratch, or you already have your own code and want to increase efficiency, we're here to help.

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