SoftRelay is a Romania based company that focuses on high quality software development for their customers and innovative product ideas.

Our team is highly qualified, with 10+ years of experience in designing and implementing commercial grade software applications.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • application development (C++, C#, Java)
  • web development (ASP.Net, PHP)
  • databases (MSSQL, MySQL)
  • mobile applications (Android, iOS)
  • application maintenance and optimization

It is our strong belief that there is no one size fits all best methodology for developing quality software - each approach (iterative, linear or in between) has its own set of advantages an disadvantages. As such we constantly try to adapt our processes to fit the realities of the given project in order to create the best possible result for our customers.

Idea and Prototype

We communicate with our clients to understand and improve their ideas and create the Proof of Concept which helps them better estimate the cost and effort of the entire project.

Development and Testing

We can provide a team of skillful programmers and testers with great experience in developing software applications, enthusiastic about new projects and technologies, a team which can be easily scaled to fulfill your needs.

Maintenance and Optimization

Our in-depth knowledge of software development allows us to easily adapt to different styles and amounts of code so maintaining, optimizing or refactoring a project runs smoothly at SoftRelay.

Have a project idea but little or no specifications? Our team can put it together and lead it towards the desired results. Need to scale up your team for a specific time-frame? Our experience in recruiting professionals helps us quickly expand our team with new software specialists. Whether you are looking for a team to build a project from scratch, or you already have your own code and want to increase efficiency, SoftRelay is here to help.

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I've been working with these guys for almost a decade now. W've completed several projects together and their professionalism and quality of work are constantly improving over time.

Anthony Martinez
Owner Agoris LLC

We think that outsourcing our projects to SoftRelay was a great idea. Our relationship is based on trust and professionalism and we are looking forward to extend our collaboration.

Francisco Gonzales
Owner Delorian Group

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